Albert Nera is an engineering graduate of California State University Long Beach, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology and a Computer Science Minor in Web Technology Applications.

Professionally, Albert has pursued a career in web development and web project management which has allowed him to acquire experience working directly with clients and company managers to design,  and develop website projects from the ground up as well as maintain existing online products and expand internet outreach through better seo, social media and online campaigns.

From a young age Albert has been interested in understanding how technology works and how it can be applied to expand knowledge and improve society. At the same time he embraced his artistic side and used art and design as the means of exploring how different technology works. He would spent hours studying cutout diagrams of vehicles and devices. Once he felt he had grasped an understanding of the mechanics, he would start sketching and try to design and create similar machines on paper. As time passed this led Albert to considered going into Automotive design and then Aerospace Engineering. However he ultimately settled on pursuing a degree in computer science and electronics engineering.

Through his education in computer engineering and computer science at Cal-State Long Beach, Albert gained an insight into the fundamentals of hardware architecture, electronic theory, programming languages and the application of different forms of computer and web technology for industrial purposes, consumer products, education, and business.

Today, as a web project manager and web developer Albert applies his experience hand coding websites as well as his technical knowledge in the application of computer technology to develop solutions for business, industry and education.

Professional Experience

Project Management – Internet Brands

As a Project Manager at Internet Brands Albert has been responsible for overseeing the migration of website content to a new framework, maintenance of our custom CMS and framework infrastructure, development of new features, front-end bug fixes and launch of websites under the brand of eDoctors. As a PM he organizes and leads SCRUM meetings as well as creates and assigns Task or Bug JIRA tickets for his team of local and international Web Developers and QA Engineers. In addition, Albert is also responsible for looking into SEO optimization, front-end redesigns, new feature development, as well as making eDoctor websites meet standards for HIPAA, EU Privacy Policy and the Canadian Anti Spam Law. Due to the extent of Albert’s responsibilities in project management he collaborates often with product managers, designers, content managers, developers and members of the business team to outline specs and maintain product standards that meet company expectations.

Web Design & Content Management – Bryson Financial

As web designer and web content manager for Bryson Financial, Albert has been the primary point of contact for tasks or questions related to the web. It’s been his primary responsibility to upload and update content as well as troubleshoot technical issues with the company’s websites and social media accounts. In addition, Albert has been responsible for creating online and printed material such as ads, posters, flyers, company documents and HTML emails; often working closely with Bryson Financial’s CEO, Trent Bryson, and the rest of the management team to develop and launch promotional and informative campaigns. As a small business, BF relies on external web services and tools to provide clients with the information and services they are looking for. Therefore on a more managerial level Albert’s responsibilities can also include researching new tools, setting up demos, providing training and suggesting direction to the executive team regarding Bryson Financial’s online marketing strategy.

Web Development & Web Administrator – AEC

As an independent developer for AEC Albert’s first major task was to help establish AEC’s Reseller Web Hosting capabilities and transfer over AEC owned domains as well as the company website. Upon completion of those tasks he then transitioned over to the redevelopment of which is the official website of the Orange Empire Chapter Of the International Code Council. This project required the migration of major content from their old HTML static website to their new WordPress based dynamic website as well as training for ICCOEC members on how to use WordPress to update content. Today, Albert remains in contact with AEC’s president, John Surge and provides ongoing consulting and assistance in the management of client accounts including scheduling weekly backups and doing emergency website recoveries.

Technical Skills

  • Coding Languages

HTML / HTML 5 / XHTML (W3C compliance)
Javascript (including Angular JS & JQuery)
C++ and C (for hardware)
MS Visual Basic
  • Software Tools

Photoshop & Illustrator
Atlassian JIRA
Atlassian Confluence
Google Analytics
Source Tree + Jenkins

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